• Sayyid Al-Hakeem Commends Al-Mahmoodiya peaceful coexistence, emphasizes the importance of meeting service challenges

    2024/ 05 /28 

    Sayyid Al-Hakeem Commends Al-Mahmoodiya peaceful coexistence, emphasizes the importance of meeting service challenges

    In Al-Mahmoodiya, Baghdad, at the guesthouse of Al-Maamreh Al-Mosawiyah clan hosted by Mr. Hameed Hadeed Al-Maamori, and in the presence of numerous dignitaries, sheikhs, and respected residents of Al-Mahmoodiya, Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakeem, Head of Al-Hikma National Movement, recalled the critical moments shared in facing dictatorship and combating terrorism. H.E. acknowledged the suffering of Al-Mahmoodiya's residents due to terrorism, which attempted to frame the area within "death triangles." H.E. praised the exemplary peaceful coexistence in Al-Mahmoodiya, emphasizing the need to remember past sacrifices to appreciate the current security and stability granted by Allah.
    Sayyid Al-Hakeem highlighted that Iraq's diversity was targeted by terrorism and its agendas, calling for the management of this diversity and the establishment of fundamental rules for it. H.E. asserted that coexistence is a hallmark of Iraqi society and that sectarianism is politically driven, not a societal issue.
    H.E. praised the role of social leaders in maintaining communal harmony, noting that political stability reflects social cohesion. H.E. referenced the role of the State Running Coalition in calming situations, despite differences in some details, through an effective management mechanism.
    H.E. emphasized that the current challenge is improving services, stressing the need to leverage the current stability to meet the aspirations of the Iraqi people. H.E. highlighted that the achievements are evident in daily life, not just government reports, and stated that security, political, and social stability pave the way for development and reconstruction. H.E. called for patience regarding services, noting that projects adhere to specific timelines.
    Sayyid Al-Hakeem underscored the need to enhance services in Al-Mahmoodiya, including developing and expanding Al-Mahmoodiya Hospital, improving the agricultural sector, and ensuring water supply. H.E. emphasized the need for strategic water management without neglecting immediate measures to boost agriculture. H.E. noted Mr. Al-Sudani's focus on the agricultural sector, dedicating time and effort to revitalize it.
    The Head of Al-Hikma National Movement called for the activation and revitalization of factories and plants in Al-Mahmoodiya, improving its entrances, building new schools, maintaining existing ones, providing essential services to new neighborhoods, resolving issues in residential agricultural areas, and completing the Al-Mahmoodiya stadium and housing complexes.