• Sayyid Al-Hakeem calls for water, security, economy trilogy to deal with turkey

    2024/ 04 /16 

    Sayyid Al-Hakeem calls for water, security, economy trilogy to deal with turkey

    Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakeem, Head of Al-Hikma National Movement, convened with a delegation from the esteemed neighbor, Turkey. The delegation included several researchers and individuals interested in political affairs and opinion writing. His Eminence illustrated the profound historical ties that bind our two friendly Muslim nations and discussed the consequential impact of this relationship on regional security and stability.
    His Eminence reiterated that the new Iraq is embracing openness to all and actively seeking to expand common ground while minimizing areas of disagreement. H.E. elucidated the numerous shared aspects between Iraq and Turkey across religious, social, economic, and geographical domains, advocating for trilateral collaboration on water resources, security, and economic.
    Furthermore, H.E. illustrated that through experience the imperative nature of Iraq's stability for the broader region and emphasized the importance of investing in developmental pathways to integrate Iraq and Turkey into the global trade arena.
    H.E. emphasized that Iraq is currently experiencing an unparalleled level of stability across political, security, and social dimensions, attributing this to the service-oriented governance under Mr. Al-Sudani's leadership, which is focused on reconstruction and development and enjoys both political and popular support.
    Regarding the crisis in Gaza, H.E. stressed the significance of a unified Islamic stance to address the challenges, cease hostilities, provide humanitarian aid to displaced individuals, and facilitate the city's reconstruction. H.E. also urged the international community to bear responsibility for halting the atrocities and genocide perpetrated against the Palestinian people.