• The Egyptian Middle East News Agency holds An Interview with Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem

    2011/ 11 /13 

    The Egyptian Middle East News Agency holds An Interview with Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem

    Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, stressed that Iraq as much as his eagerness to share interests with the Arab and regional countries, other world countries and building solid relationships with them, but is also keen on the independence of the Iraqi decision and keen to Iraq's national sovereignty.

     This event took place in a press interview held with His Eminence by The Egyptian Middle East News Agency during his recent visit the Arab Republic of Egypt as he was invited by of its government.

     Reporter / the process of forming the Iraqi government at a standstill, how do you see the way out?

    Sayeed Al-Hakeem / We believe that the Government is includes the four large political alliances and can be joined by the winning political Lists the other is the key to achieve the real national partnership and to reassure the different spectra of people of Iraq and the other states of the region and also access to political stability in the country, therefore, we believe that the majority political Government formed as half plus one, and leaves behind a half minus one which is can’t be the appropriate solution of the exceptional circumstances that Iraq faces, we are working hard to form a government with a broad representative of the Iraqi people.

     Reporter / the differences among the Iraqi political parties, how can you reconcile all of these parties to form the government and making security in the country?

    Sayeed Al-Hakeem / in this crisis there will not be any differences in the one community, but there is a multiplicity of political views among the political powers which is an important step that we passed its conditions during the past, therefore there is parties of different attitudes, but may be their opinion, while other attitudes of parties may have another word to say, today the problem in Iraq is political, not a nationalist or sectarian one. We called for a round table that gathers the different parties to discuss the standards, specifications required for the important positions in the government and the governmental program required for the next phase which will facilitate the process of access to a shared vision contributes to the process of forming a government.

     Reporter / In terms of the security situation, what is your explanation to the security situation fluctuate and lack of stability in Iraq?

     Sayeed al- Hakeem / the security issue in Iraq were not in criminal dimensions purely, but have some political dimensions, and so whenever we were able to achieve the Partnership Government, reassure the Iraqi society as we moved away from tension, and the more  the regional countries felt safe from the fact of the political situation in Iraq,  the more they offered they present their interest to help the Iraqis to stand in front of security breaches, in addition to that, the nature of the plans and actions taken by the Iraqi security leaders in rehabilitation of the Iraqi Army and policemen and to make the security facilities able to completely fill the security vacuum, especially when the foreign troops withdrawal from Iraq.

     Reporter / regarding the rehabilitation of Iraqi cadres, do you think that they are in need for more training and armament?

    Sayeed al-Hakeem / the pace is mounting in the process of training and arming, we knew about very positive assessments by the security leaders regards this situation, as we heard from the international experts who provide such assistance to commend the great readiness and the mount capabilities of security agencies.

     Reporter / is there a plan to arm the Iraqi forces, the arming source, will it be from east or west?

    Sayeed al-Hakeem / There are more than one theory to arm the Iraqi forces were discussed among Iraqis, I think that one of the tasks of the next government is to determine a clear strategy for the arming nature of democratic government that gives priority in its national security by establishing an economic interests system between the regional countries and themselves in common interests before the defense thoughts by buying tanks and fighters. It is the old regime vision of defense and security.

     Reporter / How do you feel the infrastructure in Iraq, especially what happen to it after the U.S. and foreign forces entered Iraq?

     Sayeed al-Hakeem / Iraq has suffered during the last decades of the problems no doubt in the infrastructure and required services for citizens, since 2003 there were no good result of the nature of the circumstances and the problems  which did not provide the required services level that matches the ambitions of citizens and political leaders, We are in need for a wide developmental plan to set its important priorities and schedules in order to provide the best opportunity to address the problems and service development. This is what must be done in the next government, especially the oil development facilities and raise the oil production, which could be up to 8-10 million barrel during the next few years, because this will provide huge financial revenue, moreover investment offers of up to hundreds of billions of dollars in which can be an important tributary help the Iraqi government to make further steps in the way of comprehensive development in the country, but this needs to a strategic vision and clear and specific plan.

     Reporter / how do you fell the withdrawal of U.S. troops?

     Sayeed al-Hakeem / I think that the presence of foreign troops on any country soils, is an exception and emergency while the natural matter is to return to the right contexts to provide the security by the Iraqis themselves, especially with the increased availability and accumulated experience. Security leaders feel today that they are able to provide security and this gives more hope for access to the security firm, and an institution which able to achieve security for the citizens with no need for foreign troops.

     Reporter / How do you see the future of Iraq in the next stage?

    Sayeed al-Hakeem / personally I feel great optimism, the components of the Iraqi people in a state of greater understanding, as well as Iraqi political forces in building bridges among each other, and the Arab and regional countries presenting greater understanding of the Iraqi fact and the changes taking place in the country, which calls us to be more optimistic about the future, because Iraq is a wealthy country enjoys with the great potential, distinct geographical location, large historical roles and deep  civilization, which can restore its natural role to add real quality in the Arab world, the region and the international community.

     Reporter / There is a call from the Arab summit to be held in Baghdad next time, do you see the possibility according to the general situation in Iraq?

     Sayeed al-Hakeem / There is no doubt that the formation of the government will provide climates appropriate to hold this summit in Baghdad and there are great preparations by the competent sides in the Iraqi government, to hold the summit in Baghdad, will be a big event and an important message launched by the Arab brothers to support and assignment Iraq and to strengthen for the overall political course in the country, therefore we heavily rely on the summit and we hope to achieve this good message.

     Reporter / how you look at the external interventions from the parties that works against the stability in Iraq and calling for sectarian fragmentation?

     Sayeed al-Hakeem / the fragile situation in the Iraqi political system as well as some differences in opinions among the Iraqi leaderships and powers that makes the regional countries in need to present views and take steps so as to promote its interests and view of mutual interest between them and Iraq. We believe that the right solution for such phenomena is to power up the Iraqi political project, when the Iraqi parties line with each other and come up with one word and one vision as it carries a clear message to the regional countries, as much as Iraq eager to share interests with these countries and build solid relations with it, as much as he keen also to the independence of the Iraqi decision and the national sovereignty, these are the proper health basis that can be built upon the relations between Iraq and the region countries.

     Reporter / there is a triangle surrounding Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran, and there are some attempts to achieve an interests for these countries against the Iraqi interests, What’s your comment?

    Sayed al-Hakeem / It is clear that each country puts perception on how to achieve its interests, this is an understood standard in the system of interest and the movement among the States, we consider the case from our angle as Iraqis, and we believe that our unity, cohesion and build a proper political project to the Iraqis and the region, are the right steps so that we can convince the regional countries to respect the national sovereignty of Iraq and also to share our interests with them within the required contexts in this process.

     Reporter / How do you see the attempts to divide Iraq by some sides?

     Sayeed al-Hakeem / Iraq was, still and will remain united in his people and land, proud of its Arabic and Islamic identity and respect the other nationalities that participate Arabs of Iraq. We cannot allow any attempts that affects Iraqi unity.

     Reporter / Do you think that Iraq is eligible to start again after the previous tragic events?

    Sayeed al-Hakeem / The social contents of the Iraqi people, the large overlap among the people -in spite of its belonging to several components- gives big power to Iraq. We observe that the Iraqi population even go before the politicians in strengthening the relations bonds, therefore we hope that Iraq will return as strong as it’s known before and proud of its Arabic and Islam belonging and respecting his interests and the interests of the region.

     Reporter / How do you see the relationship between Iraq and Egypt?

    Sayed al-Hakeem / we see that the relationship between Iraq and Egypt, a complementary relationship as we look to Egypt as an important station of the Arab Home and seek to build a strategy relationship with Egypt, we know that the close  circumstances in the two countries enable the Egyptians to present their rich experiences in the process of Iraqi reconstruction and address the services problems, , therefore, we always express the concern in the mutual cooperation between the two countries and we hope that the coming stage will witness more cooperation than in past years