• Sayyid Al-Hakeem calls to redress teachers, grant lands

    2024/ 02 /10 

    Sayyid Al-Hakeem calls to redress teachers, grant lands


    Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakeem, Head of Al-Hikma National Movement, met with a delegation from the Iraqi Teachers' Union, led by President Udai Al-Essaoui, and was briefed on a detailed explanation of the union's activities and the challenges facing the educational process in the country. His Eminence emphasized the necessity of confronting challenges, including illiteracy and school dropout rates. H.E. highlighted the importance of synergy in performance between the union, government institutions, and the Ministry of Education. H.E. called for the enactment of laws supportive of the educational path in Iraq, advocating for the fair treatment of teachers and granting them their entitlements aligned with the nature of the service they provide to society. H.E. clarified that land allocations are at the forefront of these entitlements, sustaining the development process, training, and keeping pace with modern teaching methods.