• Sayyid Al-Hakeem: Gaza crisis shatters Israeli victimhood myth, which has been perpetuated for decades

    2024/ 04 /06 

    Sayyid Al-Hakeem: Gaza crisis shatters Israeli victimhood myth, which has been perpetuated for decades

    During the Ramadan banquet hosted by the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakeem, Head of Al-Hikma National Movement, extended his greetings to everyone on the blessed days of the holy month and the approaching Eid al-Fitr. His Eminence called for reflecting on the philosophy of fasting and how it transforms into a divine hospitality, emphasizing that fasting strengthens a person's will to achieve noble goals, elucidating that rewards come in both voluntary and involuntary matters.
    H.E. also noted that this year's Ramadan coincides with the genocide unfolding in Palestinian territories and the surpassing of humanitarian and moral values due to the ongoing attacks on the besieged people of Gaza. H.E. affirmed solidarity with them, stating that the Gaza crisis has shattered the notion of Israel's victimhood over the past seven decades.
    H.E. pointed out that the West's bias towards Israel has led to a moral collapse and exposed the falsity of the slogans it raised. He emphasized that the international public opinion is with Palestine, calling for an understanding of all these dynamics. He also stated that targeting diplomatic missions is a violation of human rights and international treaties, holding the international community responsible for implementing the Security Council resolution calling for an end to the war.
    H.E. stressed that those who contributed to and supported the Israeli entity would pay the price for the bloodshed, commending the efforts made by the Islamic Republic of Iran in support of the Palestinian cause. H.E. recalled the International Quds Day and Imam Khomeini's call to consider the last Friday of Ramadan as a global day for Jerusalem.
    H.E. clarified the nature of Iraqi stability, urging leaders from the honorable Sunni component to come to an understanding among themselves and agree on a candidate for the presidency of the parliament. H.E. emphasized the importance of scheduling a session after Eid to elect the president according to democratic mechanisms. H.E. called on the Kurdistan Democratic Party to participate in the regional elections and reconsider its boycott stance to contribute to Iraq's stability.